by Jon Little #29

#25 Thank You

It’s State Championship week in Texas.  It has become quite the spectacle with all the games being played at Cowboys Stadium with TV coverage from Fox Sports Southwest. It was a big deal 25 years ago when I was playing, and it just seems to continue to expand and increase in popularity every year. I still enjoy watching as much high school football as I can. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to play High School football in Pilot Point. Made some lifetime friends and memories there. The values of hard work, determination, and good structured coaching have stayed with me. It was a great time playing in the 90’s and the playoff runs that we experienced were a highlight. I certainly still pull for my alma mater to go as far as possible every year. Honestly, I pull for any school and anyone with Pilot Point ties. Whether it’s Muenster, Brock, Gunter, Aledo, or Frisco Reedy. I want them all to win every year.  I know there is some Bearcat DNA in those programs and many others throughout the state.  

This is my final installment. I want to thank anybody and everybody who took the time to read any of my posts.  Some were better than others of course. I’d still like to think WK 2 was my “masterpiece” in this series. I’d like to thank Chance Kirby for setting up his site and asking me to contribute some content. I also want to thank Bob Erwin and Chris Franklin for their contributions.  Bob lent me his scrap books and those helped enable me to add some visual aids to each post. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me and told me they enjoyed the memories and gave me some ideas and thoughts during the season. Finally, I want to thank Paul Dennis. He’s my biggest super fan and I hope to make his dream come true and autograph his shirt next time I’m in Pilot Point. I mean let’s be honest Pilot Point wouldn’t be Pilot Point without Paul Dennis. Keep up the good work #10. Maybe we can petition for a #29from10 for next year?!

This project challenged my creative writing abilities and honestly that hasn’t happened since college. If it wasn’t business related or a personal note to a player/family that I have Coached over the years, then I really didn’t have the need to write anything. I’d like to tell you that this project has ignited a passion in me to continue to write, but honestly it hasn’t. I’ll leave the writing to my bro-in-law Travis Todd. He’s talented in that arena. I can safely say that most of the thoughts in my head will continue to be left unorganized, funny, and probably offensive to most. They will be left mostly undocumented though so thanks a lot Bin Laden. There is only one subject I feel I could write extensively about if really put to the test.  That would be the world of youth sports and Coaching youth sports.  Now that I’ve Coached a ton and my own kids are deeply embedded in it. I feel like I could write at least a couple hundred pages about all the crazy things I’ve seen or dealt with in that area.

I’m happy to report that virtually all my old teammates are doing well.  Contributing to society through hard work and out there being excellent fathers.  Scott McCally, Bob Erwin, Paul Dennis, Chad Cole, Tom Wheeler, CB Standridge, Josh Chandler, Chris Franklin, Teddy Mack, Lloyd Dean Childers, Steve Custy, JT McCarroll, Kris Sipe, Brad Gray, Jared Meier, Chris Thompson, and on and on. I know all those guys are caught up in their work life, but I’m sure every one of those guys will tell you that their greatest accomplishments are their families and the great kids they are raising. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Go Bearcats,


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