by Jon Little #29

#8 The Team

Thought I’d focus this week on briefly introducing your 1993 Pilot Point Bearcat varsity football team members. Naturally I’ll be referring to many of these cats in my stories going forward. You can always refer to this week 8 edition if you need a visual refresher of who’s who in my future editions.   
I believe that we started with 34 guys,19 of which were Seniors, on the team to start the season. One thing you need to understand is that we were tough Texas High School football players…therefore we were required to “mean mug”during our pictures. No smiling allowed!   
Since it was my Senior year I want to focus the introductions on the Seniors:

#1 Michael French WR/DB

#3 Derek Jones RB/DB

#5 C.B. Standridge WR/DB

#10 Paul Dennis WB/SS

#11 Chris "Sugar Bear" Franklin WR/FS/P

#13 Chris Thompson WR/DB

#14 Chad Cole QB1

#20 Josh Chandler FB/LB

#29 Jon "J Money" Little TE/CB

#40 Jim Russell TE/DE with a hint of a smile

#50 Bobby Erwin OT/DT

#52 Kent "Big Head" Williams OG/DT

#66 Teddy Mack OT/DT

#72 Tommy "Daba" Wheeler OT/DT

#75 Scott McCally OG/DE

#77 Joe Cade C/DE

#78 Chase "Big Green" Jezek OT/DE

#79 Leroy Harper OT/DT

#80 Brian Jones TE/DE

The Staff.
There was a lot of pressure on our teamto keep up the district championship streak that had been intact since 1979. The Bearcats had only lost 1 district game and tied 2 since 1979. We were confident we could keep the tradition going though and had high expectations for ourselves going into the season.
Football is around the corner!
Go Bearcats!


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