2018 Homecoming

Good morning everyone! This past week, I experienced a whirlwind of emotions, as do most high school girls experience on the week of homecoming. However, my emotions were dictated by multiple occurrences. First, I was ecstatic to take Anthony Vincent to his senior homecoming. Anthony has been a friend of mine since the third grade, and I have had the honor of coaching him in Special Olympics, being his aide during his classes, and helping him in any way he needs. Anthony has always been a light of positivity for me, and this year I wanted to make sure he knew how important he was. As I pulled into Anthony’s driveway to deliver his garter, I saw him run from his front door to the sidewalk, eagerly waiting to receive his garter. When I approached Anthony, he instantly grabbed my arm and took me to my “present,” There stood a GIGANTIC and GORGEOUS mum along with an angel bear because I’m “Anthony’s Angel”. After the exchange of our mum and garter, I began to prepare myself for our crucial volleyball game.

On Friday, our Homecoming volleyball game was against Whitesboro. This game was crucial to our post-season playoff opportunity; however, it was a battle. The Pilot Point Ladycats needed to win this game to secure a playoff spot, and the Whitesboro Ladycats needed this win to go to playoffs as well as knock us out. To everyone who could stay the entire game and support us: thank you. All five sets of the game were neck-and-neck. My team worked our rear ends’ off, but I knew this game would be different. We had swept Whitesboro in a district game already and beat them in tournaments, but since the winner of this game was guaranteed a playoff spot, I knew they would be fired up about this game. We were fired up too, and in all honesty, we played a great game. However, we couldn’t finish the game. Losing that game signified the end of my volleyball career come Tuesday night. Tears were shed, and I mean a lot of tears were shed by everyone. Our team had become so close, we worked so hard this season, all for us to not get the playoff spot. Even though the rest of the team might not have enjoyed crying, it meant the world to me that all the other girls started crying as soon as I did. We are a team. We win together and lose together. We hurt together. We work together. And now, we cry together. Looking back at that game, I couldn’t have asked anyone to play harder or for someone to pick up their attitude. In all reality, I don’t understand how we lost because we played great in all aspects. However, I will not let my faith waiver. Even though we don’t understand why it wasn’t us, it is all part of a bigger plan that we cannot control. As much as I cried over that playoff-deciding game (I’m still not over it), I realize now that endings do come whether you like it or not. On Tuesday, I will play my last high school volleyball game. I will work the hardest I ever have and expect to literally be carried off the court by my teammates. Please come support me as well as Kassy Gann and Tori Jones as we play our final volleyball game. Also, don’t forget to write a small note at our senior table for each of us!

After the game, Brooke Lane somehow managed to get my sweaty and stuffy (due to crying) face into full makeup for homecoming court. After the outcome of the volleyball game, I needed to have something positive for my last homecoming. Thanks to all the Pilot Point students, I was elected as the 2018 Homecoming Queen! In that moment, confetti bombs went off at the student section, and abundance of cheers and claps erupted from the stands, and the little twins and previous homecoming queen (Daniela Medina) presented me with my crown and sash. Thank you to everyone who made this ceremony fantastic, and thank you to Pilot Point students for making me feel beautiful and loved. Homecoming 2018 was surely the best homecoming, and I will definitely remember this for years to come.

Signing out,

Kimberly Burns (#8)

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