As I begin my third year on the Pilot Point Varsity football team, I can’t help but look optimistically at the potential for success that this season holds. I love to see the growth that those in my grade and under have shone throughout my high school career. I am witnessing all of our hard work and dedication, which we have exerted towards becoming a team that will make our community proud, coming to fruition this season, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Over the course of my time at Pilot Point, my team has seen and overcome adversity in each of the numerous forms it has shown up in. Since my freshman year, we have gone through over fifteen coaches, (all of whom I very much appreciated for what they each taught us in their own light), many players who have opted out of football for one reason or another, and countless reconstructions of our playbook, where at one point a play was called Italy pro, it is now known as doubles 34 lead.

While all these hardships were at some moments irritating and disheartening, I am pleased to say that the fire has certainly ‘hardened our steel.’ I could not choose better coaches to lead us into this season. Coach David has taken charge and inspired us to toughen up and keep our focus on what we have to do in order to achieve the goals that we have set forth this season. Coach Perez, Peacock, Freeze, and all the others are working hard to solidify each of their respective aspects of the team as well.

I know we have much to learn, but after the effort I saw my fellow Bearcats put forth in our first scrimmage against Gainesville last Friday, I can honestly say that my outlook on the rest of this season is very positive. We will continue to work and to strive to be better than we were yesterday. Regardless of what may have happened in our past, I know one thing for certain: Every coach on our staff, the ten remaining seniors on our roster, the underclassman, and myself will forever be my football team. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jake Morris #55

Cross Roads