The end of this week brought another win for the Pilot Point football team. After another tough week of practice we took our trip over to Bobcat country and prepared for the fight and, clearly, we came with serious grit.

This week, Krum came out fighting and scored on us early in the first quarter. While to many teams, first blood being drawn against them can be instantly demoralizing and lead to further mistakes, the Bearcats have endurance, both physically and mentally. We hammered on, adapting to the Bobcat defense and driving the ball relentlessly down the field. The score began to turn to our favor and soon enough we were letting the last few seconds of the clock run down with the scoreboard reading 43-6. For myself and the other seniors on the team, we had successfully beaten one of our main rivals for the last time.

As we progress through this season, it appears to me that the secret to our success is not only maintaining the beneficial traditions we practice week to week, like our lineman breakfast, (this time courtesy of the Morgans; a special thanks to Morris and Honey Morgan,) but also by striving to become more disciplined in our assignments and better at the fundamentals of football which we must perfect to be great. My hope for myself and my team is that we may reach the level of maturity and passion required to accomplish everything that we possibly can this year, and if the last two games speak anything to that, I have resounding faith that we will.


Cross Roads