Blood, Sweat, and Tears Needed For Playoff Spot

Happy Sunday y’all! The Pilot Point Ladycats had a record making week this week. Since I started my freshman year of volleyball, the varsity team has NEVER beaten Whitesboro. This year, our team SWEPT Whitesboro and won in 3 SETS! Looking back on that game, I realized how much blood, sweat, and tears it took for that to happen. We had to sacrifice our bodies on the court to get that ball up (which resulted in broken nails, cuts, bruises, court-burn, etc), we had to sweat our butts off in games, practices, scrimmages, warm-up, and everything (which resulted in our team getting personalized sweat towels as well as extra towels to wipe up the sweat on the floor), and a whole lot of tears from embarrassing losses, miscommunications on the court, personal boundaries and getting in our own heads, and a misunderstanding for why we weren’t doing well. Personally, I have endured these things on the varsity team for three years. Although it has been mentally and physically draining, I believe that all of it will pay off this season… I just have a good feeling about this team. During that Whitesboro game, WE WERE ON FIRE AND LEFT OUR HEARTS ON THE COURT. Our team gave our all, and the evidence is all the court-burn, the times we needed to stop the game to wipe the sweat off of the court so we didn’t slip, and the tears we have accumulated together to achieve this win. This group of girls is truly sacrificing everything to clinch that playoff spot and as long as we maintain being devoted to the game, stay positive, and keep the sense of urgency and shocking effort, the future for this team will be bright!

Come support us at our Gunter Game Tuesday @ 7!

Signing out,
Kimberly Burns #8 gear