Choosing To Be A Team

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. Our team enjoyed a 3 set WIN against S&S, putting our district record at 1-3. Before that game, I hosted my last team dinner at my house. As we ruthlessly devoured our Babe’s chicken and biscuits, I looked around at the table. I started paying attention to the little things such as a teammate refilling all of our sweet teas, someone grabbing extra napkins and forks because they knew someone would need them, and everyone helping Tori get her food. Seeing this group of girls so comfortable with each other that they immediately think of what they’re teammates need made my heart warm. Throughout this season, all we have done is got closer to each other. We chose to be a team through everything that happened, and were there for each other when any one of us had a bad game. Our chemistry has remained strong because we have chosen to act like a team and always have each others’ backs due to the love for each other. These girls never fail to amaze me, and I cannot wait to see the outcome of this week. We have beat both the district competitors we are playing this week in summer tournaments. This week’s schedule is a Tuesday game at Whitesboro with JV2 starting at 5 followed by JV1 and varsity. Additionally, we have a game Friday at Pottsboro with varsity starting at 4:30 followed by JV1 and JV2. After that game, the varsity team will be having a sleepless sleepover, and I cannot wait to let the prank wars begin!:) Stay tuned for the outcome of this week/weekend!
#8 out,  Kimberly Burns

With lots of love,

Kimberly Burns (#8) gear