Showing YOUR Support

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone's enjoying their Labor Day weekend. With Dual Credit and football starting, volleyball entering the week of DISTRICT matches (the games that count for a playoff spot), and Pilot Point ISD starting the third week of school, I would say there’s limited free time. However, many people are finding the open spaces in their calendar to support Pilot Point programs. As a volleyball player, looking into the stands and seeing your classmates, athletes, cheerleaders, band members, and friends is comforting because I know that they chose to watch the game instead of doing anything else. With this being said, I cannot explain to you how much it means to see teachers, administrators, coaches, school board members, or any other employee of Pilot Point ISD supporting us at our games. I have come to realize how crammed adult’s schedules are due to their child’s activities, their work, their involvement in organizations, and their life in general. Therefore, I appreciate their support tremendously when they can come. So, I pose a question to those reading this post: how will you show your support?

One excellent trait the town of Pilot Point has is that there’s a never-ending group of supporters, and there is also numerous ways to support Pilot Point ISD activities. You can choose to go support one of our sports teams at their game, you can support the Mighty Bearcat Band at their competitions, you can make signs for any activity, you can volunteer your time at any activity of your choice, you can help clean the ag barn for the FFA, and many other opportunities. In other words, you can always find a way to support any program of your choosing. It may seem like you’re not doing much, but in a kid’s perspective, it is much more significant. We appreciate the fact that you took the time you took out of your day to support us! There’s a quote that claims, “You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.” I can guarantee you all of our programs have the passion, the drive, and the focus, but what about the support? I encourage everyone to support ALL of the Pilot Point programs. Find a way to become involved and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!


Kimberly Burns (#8)

P.S. Please come out and support Pilot Point Volleyball at our Tuesday game at Bridgeport and then our FIRST district game at HOME against Gunter on Friday! gear