Sweet Revenge

Good evening everyone! As you all know, last Monday officially started the Pilot Point school year. I realized this would be my last school year at Pilot Point, and it didn’t feel real! Because I mainly take dual credit classes (classes through NCTC that transfer as college and high school credits), I had a slow and boring school week. However, I did enjoy the new two-period late arrival “class” that allows my school day to start at 9:30 instead of 7:50. This period is amazing because you can use it to sleep in, work on homework, workout, get ahead in school, or look decent for school. I love the flexibility that the late arrival has and appreciate everyone who made this class possible to have.

Despite having an easy school week, this week in volleyball was a different story. Our volleyball team played against Aubrey on Tuesday, competed in three games at the Whitesboro tournament on Thursday, played two games at Krum on Friday (Both best three out of five) AND had a sleepover, and played three games Saturday. To the former volleyball players, I KNOW you can feel the soreness in you thinking about that schedule. For the non-volleyball players, I would compare this week to continually jumping up and down in a bouncy house for the entire week. My legs were DEAD! Having all the soreness and dead legs was worth it this week though. For one, on Saturday we won against Dennison and Tom Bean in two sets. But, the best part of that tournament was getting SWEET REVENGE against Anna and winning our bracket! Anna’s volleyball team has beat us since I was on varsity my sophomore year. They also beat us on our first game this season and in the Whitesboro tournament on Thursday. Playing against them for the championship of our bracket was like waking up Christmas morning, everyone was ready to roll! We won the first set, which always happens. The reason we have lost to Anna throughout the years was that we could never finish them, and we decided that we weren’t going to let that happen again. However, we lost the second set, and our team was FURIOUS about it. This match was the last game of the day, and we wanted to finish on a good note. For Tori, Kassy, and I, we wanted to end our final high school tournament on a good note as well. We were exhausted and sore, but we buckled down and put up a fight. Our team hustled for every ball, found holes on the court to dump balls to, had a strong defense and offense, and we FINALLY beat Anna. This game proved to my team that we CAN beat people who had defeated us last year. The page for Pilot Point Volleyball is turning, and WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT OUR HOME GAME AGAINST BLUE RIDGE THIS TUESDAY AT 7!


Kimberly Burns (#8)

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