The Start Of Something New

Hello everyone! I hope you all had as great of a week as mine! My incredible team and I accomplished a variety of things this week. As a team, we were able to “sweep” Lone Oak which meant we were able to win a volleyball game by winning three sets in a row! On Saturday, our team competed in the Denison tournament and won against Whitesboro, a district opponent, by limiting our errors and functioning as one team. We played Pottsboro after that, who is also a district opponent, and beat them 25-6 in the first set and 25-11 in the second set. (In this tournament, we played the best 2 out of 3 matches). The feeling I felt when we conquered two respectfully good teams in our district was pure joy and excitement for the rest of the season. I have said this before, and I will continue to say this: These girls on my team are remarkable, and I have never felt so connected to a team. This season could be the start of something new!

Besides volleyball, I have other things that we will be the start of something new. I will be entering Pilot Point High School one last time on Monday for my first day of senior year. This year is going to be filled with a lot of “lasts” and I am set on making every moment count. Looking back, I realized how much the seniors helped me adapt to the high school environment and were always encouraging me to do my best. Therefore, my goal as a senior this year is to be someone that anyone in my community can approach if they need help with school, advice on life, or just a friend to talk to. Another area that will be new to me this year is being in charge of clubs and organizations that are important to me. Although I have been involved in these extracurriculars since I was eligible to join, I’m going to apply for leadership roles at Pilot Point High School such as the Student Council President, National Honor Society President, and Class Secretary. Some people take this small community we have for granted because they do not realize how supportive an environment like this can be for an individual. The community and school district has done so much for me and has helped me grow into a positive and involved woman. Now, it’s my turn to start something new and use my senior year to keep Pilot Point high schoolers active in the school and community.

Hope all of the Bearcats and Ladycats have a great first week back!


Kimberly Burns (#8) gear