#2 Control
Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic week. I just wrapped up my last two-a-days, and it still hasn’t sunk in yet. For those of you who do not know, two-a-days for Pilot Point Volleyball are two three-hour practices each day. As I walked up the gym door, I saw that someone drew a sign that said “Why Not Us,” which is our program motto for this year. I acknowledged the sign and thought that I wouldn’t think about that phrase for a while. The first day of these practices was exhilarating for me, and everyone could tell because I was the only person who was talking at 7:15 in the morning. After everyone became more awake, I could feel the energy rising and the chemistry building! It was refreshing to see a group of girls who instantly started playing as a TEAM! Just in the first session of two a days, the program accomplished two things: everyone had each other’s back, and real chemistry was built. Chemistry is essential in volleyball because you have to function as one and your teammates have to be willing to make up for your mistakes. At this point in practice, I began to understand the various meanings of our motto. If other teams had fantastic chemistry, why couldn’t we have that too? If other teams could be intense in every aspect of the game, why couldn’t we? If other teams can build a program for their school and work their rear ends off in every single practice, game, and scrimmage then why couldn’t we? You see, the thing is we CAN, but the question is if we WILL push ourselves to get better.  I have high expectations for our team this season, and I want to end my high school volleyball career by making history! I would like to leave this quote by Clyde Lee Dennis here because it represents my mindset about life in general, but especially for this upcoming volleyball season:
“Positive thoughts attract positive results but beware, because the reverse is also true.”

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