by Jon Little #29

#15 Dog Fight

When other teams and towns view your football team as the Crèmede la Crème it puts a big target on your back. Honestly in Pilot Point, Texas the tradition of great football teams of the 1980’sand 90’s set the bar extremely high. Therefore, it didn’t matter who the other team is they are likely going to treat the game as their “Super Bowl.” I can remember our Coaches doing a good job of pounding that point home to us to ensure that we never let our guard down.

We certainly could have let our guard down in week seven of the 1993 football season. We were facing off, at home, against a win less Howe Bulldog team. They were 0-6 on the season, but much better than their record showed. Howe had several key players returning from injuries including their All-District 6’6 star Quarterback Brian Freese. We knew they would treat our game, as many other teams had before them,as their “Super Bowl.” What we didn’t know was that the game would be an absolute dog fight and it would take a strong team effort to pull out the Win.

Howe came out“guns a blazing.” I remember it being an extremely difficult game as a defensive back. In an era of “ground and pound” offenses Howe bucked the trend and ran a more up-tempo passing attack that was ahead of its time. They moved the ball up and down the field on us in the first half with the use of that crazy tactic known loosely as the forward pass. We stood tall around the goal-line though and held them to only two field goals in the game. I remember having a few key pass break-ups in the game. If Jimbo Fisher, Raj Pannu, and Tom Stauch collectively pull out their readers and check the box score…they will even see that yours truly got into the end zone once again(thank you for showing me the way Sanger Indians). We didn’t play the cleanest game while losing a couple of key fumbles, but we pulled out another win in the end 21-6.

So that brought our record up to 7-0 for the season. Next up was another District foe. This time on the road vs. the lowly S&S Rams.

Go Bearcats!


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